Mining / Agricultural / soil testing Laboratory Instruments & Consumables

Laboratory Instruments & Consumables

We offer high quality, up-to-date and cost effective mining , soil testing laboratories instruments & consumables to our clients represented by different parts of the world.

As we also facilitate warranty and guarantee services, our clients enjoy peace of mind. Each instrument is checked before being sent to the clients to ascertain they function well and are completely flawless.

Our Products are:

  • Core Analysis Testing.
  • Ground Stability Testing.
  • Mine Air Quality Testing.
  • Precious Metals Fire Assays Testing.
  • Mine Structural Integrity Testing.
  • Heavy Minerals Testing.
  • Microprobe Analysis Testing.
  • Mineral Identification Testing.
  • Testing of Fortified Rice Kernels. Testing of Fortified Rice. Testing of Rice Fortificants.
  • Water Testing. Dialysis water testing as per AAMI guidelines.
  • Testing Of Pharmaceuticals And Cosmetics. Microbiological Testing. Hygiene monitoring for swabs.
  • Miscellaneous testing. Testing of crop chemicals.
  • Gravity, Density Viscosity Meters.