Medical Products

ICU Equipment

We deal in all ICU equipment like patient monitor equipment, defibrillators, ventilator, CPAP & BPAP systems, anesthesia machines and digital blood pressure monitors amongst others.

OT Equipment

Our firm deals into required OT equipment Utility Columns, Surgical & Exam Lights, Stretchers with Stretcher Accessories, Cushions & Mattresses, Space Management Booms, Sterilization & Cleaning Equipment, Disposables and Consumables, Gel Pads & Positioners, Surgical Tables & Surgical Table Accessories to Digital Integration Systems.

Radiology and Imaging Solutions

We facilitate Radiology and Imaging solutions and supply Computed Tomography (CT) equipment, Digital Radiography (DR/X-ray) equipment, Ultrasound & Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines, Radiographic Fluoroscopy (R/F) besides Mammography and Angiography tools.

Dental & ENT Equipment & Products

Our company deals into Dental & ENT equipment Head Mirrors, Aural Speculum, Siegle Speculum, Short Bladed Nasal Speculum, Straight Metallic Tongue Depressor, Curved Metallic Tongue Depressor, Wooden Tongue Depressor and Laryngeal Mirroramongst others.

Ophthalmology Instruments

We supply Algerbrush and Capsule Polishers, Bipolar Forceps, Calipers, Cannulas, Clamps and Forceps, Corneal Manipulators, Markers, Trephines, Curettes and Diamond Knives to name a few.

Physiotherapy Equipment / Rehabilitation Products & Aids

Our company supplies all types of Physiotherapy Equipment/Rehabilitation products & Aids used for medical assistance.

Neonatal Care & Baby Care Equipment

We have given special focus on supplying all categories of Neonatal Care & Baby Care equipment which makes this special aspect of healthcare up to the mark.

Cardiology Equipment

We arrange Cardiac Monitors, Cardiac Ultrasound Machines, Vascular Ultrasound Machines, EKG Machines, Defibrillators, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps, Heart-Lung Bypass Machines and Stress Test System equipment.

OB / GYN (Gynecological) Products

To prioritize hassle-free and comforting childbirth experience besides best possible women healthcare in modern atmosphere of medical resurgence, we arrange all types of required OB/GYN related equipment which healthcare providers seek.

Autoclave & Sterilizers

We facilitate the required Autoclave & Sterilizers sought by medical practitioners, surgeons and healthcare experts. Our company arranges all such stuffs according to specific needs.

Anesthesia Equipment & Products

We arrange Anesthesia equipment of best quality Continuous-flow Anesthetic Machine and Anesthetic Vaporizers for their use to ease the anesthesia procedure.

Orthopedic Implants & Instruments

Our company has collaborated with reputed manufacturers of Orthopedic Implants & Instruments used for best possible healthcare. We arrange quality instruments as prescribed by the healthcare experts.

Emergency Products and Ambulance Kits

As a reputed healthcare equipment supplier, we arrange all types of Emergency Products and Ambulance Kits in the region for timely need fulfillment.

Urology Products

We arrange Bladder Scanners, Catheters, Closed System Foley Trays, Drainage Bags, One Layer Catheter Trays, Leg Bags, Foley Catheter Insertion Trays, Intermittent Catheters to Irrigation Syringes Trays Securement Devices and Urine Meter Trays as part of the urological supplies.

Respiratory Products

Our company arranges the required Respiratory Products used for treatment purpose. We supply these products to ensure better and timely treatment and to assure avoidance of any complication.

Surgical Equipment

Our company deals into all types of surgical instruments to ease the surgeries. We arrange Scalpels, Scissors, Forceps, Retractors and Needle Holders amongst others to smoothen surgical procedures.

Medical Disposals

We arrange all types of Medical Disposals required for multiple purposes in the healthcare sector. Our company arranges different varieties of such disposals as and when required.

Diagnostic Products

Our company is lauded for arranging best quality Diagnostic Products such as Blood Pressure Monitors, Oximeters, Stethoscopes, Home Tests and Thermometers amongst others used for diagnostic purposes.

Assistive aids

We supply and deliver assistive aids for patients with Visual impairment, Hearing impairment, Loco motor impairment, Cerebral Palsy, Mental retardation and Mental illness, Children with learning disabilities.